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          *Soul of a gypsy, Heart of a hippie, Spirit of a fairy*          
~Updated: August 2019~

Merry Meet, and Namaste!

Hi! I'm Sumi, Eclectic Master and Owner of Aberrant Moon.
Allow me to introduce myself, and my business; As the old saying goes, Im a jack of all trades, master of some. Or something like that...

I've never been able to settle down into doing just this or just that; it took me quite some time to give up on trying to choose just one or 2 things and simply embrace and weave together ALL my passions and skills into the beautiful patchwork its become, and it continues to shape-shift and grow with time. Thus my title of Eclectic Master was born.

I don't feel that a paragraph of words can truly convey all that I am and all that I do, but I can at least give you a taste. I am an all around artist; I am:
  A painter, a jeweler, a ceramist, a crafter, a poet, a musician, a dancer( I dabble in belly dance and fire dancing), an aromatherapist/herbalist, a yogi (I'm a certified instructor), a tarot reader, versed in various forms of divination, and reader of symbols. I am a ghost hunter, and a living historian as well; I participate in living history events and re-enactments, and am in charge of Lincoln County Paranormal, the paranormal group me and my hubby co-founded.

I am also very passionate about living like you love the planet, and do as much as I can in every way to live a sustainable life style. Earth is our mother, our home; and so, nearly all my creations are crafted from recycled materials, as much as possible. Typically, the only materials I purchase are what I cannot acquire recycled, such as paint, glue, connecting pieces, etc. Even then, I always try thrift stores, garage sales and such before I ever resort to places like hell-mart. (Walmart). I feel good about creating in this way; I'm continually challenged and inspired to find new uses for things otherwise deemed "useless"; I am saving materials from becoming trash in a landfill, I am supporting local community/people and stores over corporate chains, and setting an example/inspiring others (hopefully!) to look at "trash/junk" in a new light, and live more sustainably. I put meaning and purpose into every piece I create; my goal is not only to create beauty from trash, but for it to be functional, useful, in some way. This is the underlying value that strings all my arts and services together.

My style varies from gypsy to witchy, boho to steampunk, victorian to gothic, all around mystical and nerdy. My styles vary so much not just in an attempt to capture the wide variety of things I like and find passion in, but also in hopes of having a little something for everyone to connect with. Every art work is unique and one of a kind, even pieces that use very basic templates or patterns are original in their own ways.

Mission Statement!

To Rediscover the Magic of Everyday life.
Through my art and services, I wish to ignite imagination and creativity, inspire new perspectives and connections, and remind those who have forgotten that art(creative expression) and imagination are intrinsic parts of living a whole-istic life. I wish to share, show, and help re-integrate the language of symbolism and other paths of ancient knowings, and the value inherent in these, back into people's lives. I aspire to create unique experiences, events, and space in general for my tribe and our community.


~The meaning behind the name~


Adjective: departing from an accepted standard.
Synonyms: nonconformist, rogue, eccentric, strange, odd, peculiar, uncommon, quirky, exceptional, singular, unique,twisted, warped


Old English mōna, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch maan and German Mond, also to month, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin mensis (where we derive the word menstruation) and Greek mēn ‘month’, and also Latin metiri ‘to measure’ (the moon being used to measure time).

The Moon has been predominately characterized as female in the course of human history and mythology, reflecting and symbolizing so many qualities inherent in the sacred feminine archetype. Across the globe there are moon goddesses in every culture, along with the triple-moon/triple-goddess theme. These stories, these archetypes, were and still are reminders of our connection to the cycles of nature, of our planet, of ourselves, our lives and the universe we live in.


Aberrant Moon:

After much thoughtful consideration I chose this name to represent my vocation. I chose the word aberrant, because I feel it definitely describes me, my style, and my art; and the word aberrant itself is a pretty uncommon word, rarely used in conversation, so how perfect is that! I chose to have the word moon, having always felt a strong connection to our moon. In fact, moon or “luna” was my 3rd word spoken as a toddler. The moon holds deep mystery and power over humanity, and women especially, influencing and inspiring us since the dawn of our existence; this can be clearly seen throughout mythology and the ancient mysteries and histories of people across our planet. This being of great significance to me, its become my wish to remind and revive these connections that are humanity’s heritage back into current communities and culture, in any way I can, be it conversation, artwork, poetry, whatever! For I feel that so much of these treasures of knowledge and story have been forgotten, ignored, or downright suppressed. There is unspeakable value in reconnecting with these ancient mysteries, for through them we may remember how to connect with the cycles, the seasons, our life! and perhaps most importantly, with each other; because we all share one moon.

Sumi Ayame

~the meaning behind the name~

Sumi: (pronounced soo-me)

Noun: a type of black Japanese ink prepared in solid sticks and used for painting and writing. Meaning literally ‘ink, blacking’.

Ayame: (pronounced ah-yah-meh)
Noun: name for the flower Iris

IRIS was the rainbow goddess and messenger of the Greek gods. Many believe that the flower is named after her. Most works of art depict her either in the form of a beautiful rainbow, or as a lovely maiden. Many ancient Greeks considered Iris one of the most beautiful goddesses. The ancient Greeks described her as “swift footed”, suggesting she could respond rapidly to requests. She wore wings on her shoulders and usually carried a pitcher in one hand. Her name combined the Greek words for “messenger” and “the rainbow” to signify her dual role. The ancient Greeks considered Iris the female counterpart of Hermes. Many Greeks viewed Iris as an important link between mortals and the realm of the gods as well as the underworld. In legends, she carries symbolic associations with messages and communication. She would use her pitcher to scoop up water from the ocean and carry it into the clouds. Some legends also told she used her pitcher to collect water from the River Styx, the shadowy river separating the world of human beings from the underworld. Legends differ about her life as an adult. Some stories describe her as unmarried and primarily a messenger for the Olympian gods. In other accounts, she fell in love with Zephyros, the god of the West Wind. They had a son named Pothos, who personified Desire.

Bonus tie-in: In spanish, the word for rainbow is arco-iris. See! There she is again!

Put them together: sumi ayame = the inked iris. (my personal translation)

This is my preferred, self chosen name. Think of it like a pen name, or nickname. How did this name come to be? Why Japanese? No, I don’t have any Japanese blood unfortunately, but part of my heart is in Japan. Im just an otaku, or Japanese nerd; well, more accurately I’m a xenophile. Xenophile definition: a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs. Fun fact, I considered becoming a linguist in high school; Japanese is probably my favorite language of all the ones I have studied and dabbled in. At first Ayame was just the name of one of my favorite anime characters (a wolf girl; wolves being one of my totem animals). I decided to use it as my online name to remain at least somewhat anonymous. Then I found out her name meant iris, my favorite flower, which are often a rich dark purple, which is my favorite color. THEN I found out that iris was the greek goddess of the rainbow, and rainbows have had a long time significance to me. My aunt once went into a meditation, and saw a vision of toddler me on a hill under a rainbow, before I was even born. There was a shop called arco-iris which I loved when I was barely old enough to remember. I have a few treasured items from my childhood which have rainbows and unicorns. I’ve always loved color, and even my style of art is rich in color. Also the fact that Iris is a messenger goddess has struck a deep chord in me, full of significance to my purpose and desire to share feeling and knowledge through my arts. I read once somewhere that Iris is also associated with hummingbirds, and the hummingbird is my spirit animal! So many significant tie-ins!

Then came sumi. I like to say this part was more gifted to me during my search for a second part to my name. Being a Libra I have always held close the symbol of the yin yang, and the concepts of equilibrium and balance. During my explorations of life’s polarities, (white/black dark/light male/female) I fell in love with the concept of naming both halves of me (although I feel many more aspects than just 2! haha). I wanted to name my dark half, not just my light half, to come into a deeper sense of wholeness, and self acceptance. Sumi seemed perfect for the second, darker half (black ink) to the light and colorful ayame, bringing my love of the color black to my love of color. Being an artist I write and draw alooot, so ink has been a major tool in my self expression, and I love it. Then I fell in love with a tattoo artist and tattoos, and the best tattoo ink brand is called sumi, so that fell in perfectly also! Haha.

I like telling the story of my names, not just because I’ve had so much fun and self discovery with it, but also I feel (and hope) that in sharing people will get a deeper insight into who I am and what moves me.

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