Tarot Reading Services 

I provide both in-person and online readings. Please contact me to set up a reading.

Online Reading Protocol:
Once you have contacted me, we will discuss what type of reading you are interested in. After initial consultation and payment, I will send you a detailed report, including pictures, of the reading.

In-Person Protocol:
Once you have contacted me, I will agree to meet you at a mutually satisfying location if you are local to Lincoln County, NM. For best results, I prefer to meet in a quiet/private location, as extraneous noise/people/distractions hinder accurate readings. A small, gas fee will be a factor for in-person readings not at my location, which will be calculated depending on distance traveled.  This will be discussed in your initial consultation.

Further Protocol and Tarot Reading Requirements:
I require you to read my card reading ethics (below). Depending on the spread you choose, either I will pick a deck of cards to use, or allow you to choose a deck that speaks to you. In some readings, I will use more than one deck. Pictures and descriptions are below.

Spreads/Types/Prices of Readings:

1 card reading: $5
Animal Totem Guidance. We pick a single animal totem card that will be the main guidance in your life, for the current time or for your life in totality; or it can be your main guide in a current situation or problem, etc (we can tailor the meaning to fit your desire). This animal will be your greatest teacher.
BONUS: I will share a fun animal game with you! if you like. I know this likely sounds weird. But trust me, its pretty cool! Most folks really enjoy this thoughtful exercise.

2 card reading: $10
Yin/Yang. these cards can be read to understand your masculine and feminine attributes within you, or within a relationship, or other situation.
card 1: yang/masculine/father/adult/white/up/logical/fire/etc
card 2: yin/feminine/mother/child/black/down/intuitive/water/etc

3 card reading: $15
Different options:

card 1: past                    card 1: situation/problem
card 2: present               card 2: advice
card 3: future                 card 3: likely outcome

card 1: situation                 card 1: fork in the road (decision to make)
card 2: what to do              card 2: choice/road 1
card 3: what to avoid          card 3: choice/road 2

card 1:You/relationship/situation
card 2: fears
card 3: hopes

4 card reading: $20
card 1: you
card 2: what you are creating
card 3: what you are leaving behind
card 4: wild card, whats up in the air

Butterfly spread: the stages of life. can be applied to situations, relationships, etc, to gain perspective on the cycles you are traversing.
card 1: egg
card 2: larva
card 3: cocoon
card 4: butterfly

-Medicine Wheel Spread. $25
This Native American concept uses the directions(north, south, east, west) like the spokes of wheel or a compass that can help us understand the directions we walk through in life, each direction imbued with meanings that will teach us things about ourselves, and about life.
card 1: East: air: spring, sunrise, birth, beginnings, illumination, spiritual path
card 2: South: fire: summer,day, childhood, inner child, emotion, trust
card 3: West: water: autumn, sunset, adulthood, endings, dreams, intuition, goals
card 4: North: earth: winter, night, elder, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, higher self

Monthly Readings:
A forecast of the coming months, or coming year. we explore themes, feelings, and events that will predominate the upcoming months.
3 months: 3 cards: $15
6 months: 6 cards: $25
12 months: 12-13 cards: $30 (choice of 12 calendar months, or 13 lunar months of the year)

 Sumi's Card Reading Ethics

Namaste kindred soul!

This is my code of ethics to give you clarity as to my intentions and what you will get from me when I read your cards. Please understand that I am not here to predict the future as it were; rather, I intend to use these divinitory tools as a clairvoyant aid in shedding some light on what is on your mind, in your heart, and in your life, in hopes that you will receive the desired guidance needed to navigate the currents of your life. I hope that you can walk away from your reading feeling empowered and positive!

When I agree to a card reading for you, I vow to give you 100% of my heartfelt attention and focus. I wish to give you a detailed reading with practical guidance, advice,  possibilities, and anything I perceive to be relevant to you.

I will see, hear, and read for you without any judgements whatsoever. I welcome anyone no matter sexual orientation, belief system, etc. As long as you are kind and decent with me, I will be the same with you! As above, so below, what goes around comes around, etc.

I will not give serious readings for persons under 16 years. (during events I will give more playful readings to kids for fun, and explain what I do to the curious)

Your reading is confidential; what happens during the reading, stays there; you are welcome to share your experience if and with whoever you wish, but I will keep your reading private on my end.

I will always give you the best advice that I can, however I have no intentions to sway you in any particular direction; it is your life and it is up to you to make up your own mind and make your own decisions.  Tarot is not a replacement for professional medical, legal, or other such advice. If you have such questions I will work with you to find a phrasing I deem suitable to fit the reading. For example, What are your beliefs on destiny and fate? Your beliefs will affect the way you ask questions. You may be more likely to ask "Will I ever find my soul mate?" as opposed to "How can I attract a strong relationship into my life?" which is a more constructive question to ask the cards, and one I am better apt to answer.

A few last things to keep in mind:
Don't ask if you don't want to know! And again, keep in mind that cards/symbols can be read in various ways; this is why I must repeat, that while tarot CAN predict, any divining method is meant more as a tool for enlightenment and reflection rather than set in stone predictions. Remember that the future is never a sure thing. I can guarantee that I am an accurate reader but I can't guarantee that any prediction/events/etc will for sure come to pass, for we all have free will and choice, so we can never be 100% certain as to which roads the future will lead us down.

Lastly, know that I advocate the use of tarot readings primarily for personal growth, and generally discourage questions about outside / third parties. Lets keep the focus on you!

I look forward to working with you, and I hope you enjoy the experience too! In any other case, I reserve the right to offer or decline refunds, and the right to refuse service if I find any reason I deem that we are not a good fit.



I have several tarot decks to choose from:
(Including one not pictured: a Steampunk deck)

Animal Totem Medicine Cards
By: Jamie Sams and David Carson

This is a wonderful deck fused with Native American wisdom and symbolism; learn to see our animal friends in a whole new way! They have a lot to teach us.

Shadowscape Tarot
by: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

One of my first decks, and a favorite! All the traditional major arcana and the 4 suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles; definitely the most detailed and beautiful set i own, the artwork is truly stunning! Faeries, Dragons, Foxes, Cats, and more; a very fantasy themed deck.

Nature Oracle Tarot
by Ted Andrews

Divided into sections similar to traditional decks, this oracle is broken up into landscapes, flowers, trees, seasonal and climate oracles. Similar to my animal totem deck, this nature oracle deck will open your mind into viewing the nature around us in whole new ways; when we listen, nature speaks to us.

Some of my other favorite tools! Which I use to aid in cleanings and readings.