Art Commissions:

I accept commissions on a case to case basis. If you are interested in customized artwork, please contact me with clear details and specifics of what you would like from me, and we will talk about it. My decision of acceptance, commission price, etc, will be largely based on the following: what materials are needed, the cost of those materials, the size, the difficulty, the amount of time this would take me, and how it fits into my schedule. Please understand that some artworks take longer than others, such as ceramics, where it can take 3-4 weeks from start to finishing, to allow for time made, dry time, firing, painting, possibly a second firing, etc. Keep this in mind when you want to place an order with me. I will ship if need be, but if it is large or breakable piece I really try to avoid it, and prefer not to.
I believe in being fair to both parties, reaching mutually agreeable terms and prices. I have done lots of commissioned jewelry pieces, ceramics, statues, drawings and paintings.

Dream Interpretations

Have repetitive or strange dreams? Recurring subject matter, or nightmares? Your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind, your inner workings, and can even reflect your higher self or spirit guides, sending you messages, and shouldn't be discredited or ignored. Sure, dream dictionaries help, but there's nothing quite like an experienced outside perspective to help weave the fragments and puzzle pieces together into a solid story line that is playing out. I can help you make sense of these confusing messages. 
I have kept dream journals for many years, and have spent countless hours reading and interpreting not only my own dreams, but those of family and friends as well. I am currently offering this service by donation :)

Totems, Symbols, and Omen Interpretations

Like tarot and dream interpretations, our lives are full of symbols, omens, and animal totems, whether or not we pay any attention to these things. If you are noticing signs in your life, and are having trouble making sense of them, I offer guidance and consultations. This service too, is currently by donation; we will come to a fair price during consultation.
Not sure what I mean? Here are some examples:
I went through a year of dreaming with bears, all the time. That same year my mother bought me a sterling silver Native American bear pendant for my birthday. During another cycle of my life, jaguar and puma would show up not only in my dreams, but in books, online, jaguar print clothing, you name it, I saw jaguar everywhere, teaching me. I notice repeating numbers, when looking at clocks, or in dreams, or on receipts. I notice recurring colors; at one time everything around me or gifted to me was green or had green on it, and it ended up being a time in which I learned a lot about the heart chakra, which is associated with green. Another time, for some months, fire kept speaking to me; I would see more candles, tiki torches, attended more camp fires, saw poems about flames, etc, you get the picture. I have had smells, flowers, trees, directions, and places, all call to me, and each of those things was what I needed most in my journey at that time, weather or not I immediately recognized it; the significance of some of these events only really dawned on me in retrospect, as is so often the case at first. But I have learned to pay close attention to the signs over the years, and the more I pay attention, the more I learn, and I have come to rely on these types of signs to help me understand what I am going through, to reassure me and give me strength, especially during difficult times and challenges. 

Sage Smudgings and Cleansings

While many people sage and smudge for themselves, I have been called to help sage space for friends, as well as for a couple of businesses in the last few years. If you desire aid in this realm, I'm happy to help! If you have a space that is feeling dark, negative, stuck, obstructed, etc, come to me or call me to you, I will bring my sage and herb bundles and other tools, to bless and cleanse you and/or your space, freeing it of any heavy energies plaguing you and/or the location. I am offering this service for a minimum donation starting at $20; price negotiation will be mostly based on time spent with you, amount of area to be cleansed (you, the space, or both), and any travel expenses.

For Hire:
To date I have been hired to teach yoga classes and workshops, do fire dancing at parties, do tea leaf readings as well as tarot readings at events, I've even done face painting. I've done all kinds of creative things, so feel free to contact me with any requests!