Abberant Moon Art Gallery
Art Gallery is sorted by medium. Some pieces are old, some are new, some I still have, some I have sold. This gallery is here to give you a flavor of the myriad of art I create; Feel free to contact me with any questions, and remember that while each piece is unique, I can always recreate pieces if you are interested in something that is no longer available.
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This website does not provide me with the best gallery options; It has been VERY challenging and tedious, and so Im looking into other options for a better online gallery; not to mention photos rarely do the real thing justice! Please also visit my facebook and instagram for more photos!

Acrylic, Watercolor,  on paper, canvas, wood, etc
Light Bulb Bugs!
Made of Christmas Lights, wire wrapped together and attached to clips and magnets.
Goggle and Steampunk Projects!
Jewelry & Hair Accesories