More on what i do

    THE LIST   

The skills, hobbies, talents, and interests! all the things i love, all the things i do, all that i love to share with others.

I am:

  • fire dancer
  • musician (I play a variety of instruments and write my own music)
  • draw and design
  • painter
  • writer / poet
  • crafter: paper mache, origami, dabbled in rock carving; a general up-cycler, recycling junk into art
  • ceramics (check out my mom and teacher! link here)
  • jeweler and wire worker
  • novice seamstress, some work with textiles
  • tattoo artist
  • intermediate aromatherapist and herbalist
  • tarot card reader
  • LCP co-founder, ghost hunter! (Lincoln County Paranormal click here!)
  • website designer (I created this website, the one above, and others!)
  • barista (I harbor great love for coffee and tea!)

Other Random stuff:

-I have a mini farm (kinda) and sell fresh chicken eggs, I helps plants grow, and hope/plan to sell some produce next summer.

-I volunteer out at Fort Stanton during events, and am a living historian; I have full period correct clothing and dress up at least once a month for garrison activities.

-I love costumery, I love cosplay and anything steampunk, Renaissance, etc. I occasionally do small sewing projects(learning how to make costume accessories and alterations), and would love to host masquerades or cosplay events in the area in the future. Just need a venue, time, and interested participants! Also open to collaborations with anyone interested to help make this happen. I'm also somewhat interested in theater and have been an extra for a couple filming projects for some friends and took drama for a year in high school.

-I set up Lincoln County Freecycle on facebook; intended to be a group where locals can exchange goods for free; One man's trash is another's treasure! I promote barter and trade! In the future, I would love to turn this concept into something more hands on; to have a local building to meet in and have free exchange, like a swap meet or thrift store but free, perhaps coupled with some of my other ideas. Some kinks in the concept, but I think they could be sorted out.

-I am a HUGE believer in up-cycling or recycling junk/trash into useful items or art, and this is a big part of what I do. almost all of my art has been craft supplies or old jewelry, old paint, you name it, handed down to me by people who didn't want it. I also love to scavenge at thrift stores and the like, before resorting to buying anything new. In a world where we throw too much away and take it for granted, recycling as much as we can is something I feel is VERY important.

-I would like to start a Time Bank community someday, if enough people are interested. *insert time bank explanation link here*

-Related to the freecycle concept, I would love to hold freeskilling events; where people can get together and teach each other their skills for free.
I love these concepts so, and wish to see/help them sprout up in my home community and everywhere! In such a jacked up and chaotic time for our humanity/society locally and globally, I firmly believe in the power of the people to unite and help each other out! I think many answers lie within closer knit communities, etc.

-I am knowledgeable in many areas from the arts, to history, to paranormal, and much more; I have thought about assembling classes or talks on some of these different subjects if enough people are interested, and holding them based on donations.

-I would love to host local paranormal tours.

-Once a tad more proficient in fire dancing and akin performing arts, I would like to host carnival like events on occasion, with friends on other interested community members.

Education background:

High school with some college; I took painting, drawing, guitar, choir, and small business in college.
A lot of self study in; languages, world wide cultures, religions, spiritual and philosophy, paranormal, history, herbs, aromatherapy, health, yoga, coffee, tea, and much more.